At Wild Texture Coating we use and highly recommend Quickwall products due to their resilience and versatility, in conjunction with being perfectly suited to the extremely humid conditions of Far North Queensland.
Quickwall exterior coatings have been proven to stand the test of time and are internationally recognised for their quality, long-term performance and durability in adverse conditions. This high calibre product range has been tested to Australian manufacturing standards and will not delaminate or peel, offering a superior bond to substrate that is not affected by moisture or humidity. Quickwall also has the added benefit that it doesn't provide any nutrients for termites, helping to alleviate termite infestations.
Quickwall is backed by a comprehensive 15 year guarantee, so you have quality assurance that it is designed for strength and durability.


A timeless flat render finish similar to a sponge floated sand and cement plaster. Quicksand will not go drummy or delaminate like sand and cement render often does. Quicksand is a tough 2 pack polymer modified mineral based material that bonds to practically any substrate.


Seamless vertical scratch-coat decorative and protective wall finish in grades of 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm. Final finish is by plastic trowel for a smooth flat jointless finish. A popular up-market finish.


A seamless, modern but ageless decorative and protective wall coating system. Plastic trowel finished to provide a smooth textured finish in 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm grades. Mimics the face of a freshly cut block of sandstone.


Lime is an amazing building material: environmentally friendly, and also carbon neutral. Like cement, lime gives off carbon dioxide during manufacture. Yet, unlike cement, lime actually re-absorbs carbon dioxide when it sets making lime an ideal choice for conscious living.